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Marina Slips

20-38 Foot Modern Slips

At Cerritos Bahia Marina, you’ll find 265 slips ranging from 20 to 38 feet in length.

Our protected location and smaller size creates a sense of community and family togetherness.

Slip fees are based on boat length or slip length, whichever is greater.  An exception to this would be if we only have our longer slips available.  The overall length of any vessel is defined as the distance from the most forward of the vessel to the furthest position aft.  This includes all items such as pulpits, anchors, swim-steps, outboards, bowsprits, etc.

The prices are as follows…

18ft – 25ft     $10.10 per foot

26ft – 31ft     $10.60 per foot

32ft – 40ft     $11.10 per foot

Please call Cerritos Bahia Marina Monday-Friday (8am – 4pm) at (562) 431-6575 for application, exact pricing and contract information.